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We are the leading resource for violin, viola, cello, and bass players in the Jacksonville area.

Our staff of professional string players offers assistance and guidance for any skill level, from discerning colleagues to absolute beginners. We offer a variety of hand carved instruments for sale and rent as well as a full line of bows, cases, and accessories. Our sheet music selection is likely the largest collection of its kind in Jacksonville, FL, and our onsite repair facility offers repairs, bow rehears and full restorations by professionally trained luthiers.


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Our diverse selection of stringed instruments offers something for any level of player.

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Check out our wide selection of bows and accessories.

Luthier Services

Our expert staff can help you with your repair, rehair, and restoration needs.


A convenient and easy way to rent an instrument for any age of player.

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Questions From The Florida Times Union

What are some of the rewards and good things to owning a shop like this?

I get to talk to customers. You get to know a lot of different people from everywhere. I have a lot of people come here from the Alhambra Theater and they don’t want to bring their own instruments. I get people from everywhere, actually. Sometimes it’s pretty cool. I can spend three or four hours a day just talking to people.

Do you get a lot of music students here?

Yeah, that’s where I have a lot of customers every day. They’re from all around Georgia to event Miami sometimes!

Well, you do run a violin shop. How cool is that?

It is cool (laughs). It really is if you think about the stress levels for normal business people. … from 1 to 10, it’s probably a 1 or 2, running a violin shop. You think about other businesses it’s up around 8 or 9.

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